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Selecting a Kitchen Splashback

Splashbacks in the kitchen serve a dual purpose – they safeguard your kitchen walls and panels from food and water splatters while also offering an opportunity to enhance your kitchen's look. Let's delve into the world of splashbacks and why you should consider glass, discussing materials, colours, and textures.

  • 8 February 2024
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Mastering that DIY Mirror Installation

A well-installed mirror can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space, making it feel more spacious and well-lit. The process of measuring and installing a mirror successfully involves precise measurement, thorough preparations, the right safety gear and the right technique. The guide covers the installations using high-tack mirror glue or brackets.

  • 18 October 2023
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shower screen
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Exploring the Types of Shower Glass

In the New Zealand market, a diverse array of shower glass options is available to cater to your unique preferences and needs. In this guide, we will explore the different types of shower glass doors and their distinctive qualities.

Whether you desire crystal-clear transparency, enhanced privacy, or a touch of modernity, the type of glass you select for your shower doors and enclosures can make a world of difference.

  • 19 September 2023
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