Everclear Coatings

Special 'easy clean' coatings that allow water to roll right off

Everclear is a coating applied directly to the surface of any clean panel of glass which causes water to bead up and roll down the surface rather than smear. Particles of contamination such as grease, oil, lime and materials from environmental pollution will adhere far less to the glass, allowing them to be easily removed (i.e. without applying abrasive agents).

Value Added Benefits

Everclear repels water, soil and stains making cleaning easier and efficient. It increases scratch resistance by 92.9% and inhibits etching, pitting and corrosion. This in turn reduces the need for repairs or replacements.

Multiple Applications

Developed for all types of commercial and architectural glass including windows and doors, facades, curtain walls, partitions, balustrades, skylights, shower doors, mirrors and other glass components.

Improved Clarity

Everclears UV, Chemical and Microbe Resistant properties improve appearance and glass clarity. Even when the shower is on. Everything in the bathroom just feels cleaner.

Technical Information


Protects against soiling, staining, pitting and scratches for easier maintenance, reduced repairs, imporoved appearance and longer lifespan.


Applicable for all types of glass: Windows, partitions, doors, skylights, canopies, shower glass, mirrors and windscreens.

Technical Data

· Active Ingredient: Dimethyl Polysiloxanes + Proprietary Blended Additives
· Solvent specially denatured ethanol/isopropanol - proprietary formula (RTU)
· Flash Point: 19°C = 66°F (TAG Open Cup)
· Odor: Mild (Ethyl Alcohol)
· Color: Clear, Colorless liquid
· Acid Number: About 1
· Viscosity: Consistency of alcohol
· Specific Gravity: 0.802
· Abrasives: None
NANOVEA - ASTM G99, D7027, D7187 Standards 92.9% More Resistant to Scratch Penetration 54.2% More Resistant to Wear/Stress from debris


Haynes Glass warrants Everclear for up to 10 years from the date of application on interior and exterior glass applications. When applied and maintained as directed.

The product warranty does not extend to or cover misuse of the product, including the use of abrasive or harsh cleaners or applications tools, excessive soiling from lack of proper cleaning or neglect; wear and tear of the surfaces resulting from prior damage and exposure to extreme weathering and abrasion.

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Cleaning Instructions

Simple steps to maintain your treated glass to keep it in its 'Ever-Clear' condition:

Protected glass should be cleaned/rinsed periodically to remove residual water, dust, oil, fingerprints or other debris that accumulates with use and time. Everclear makes that cleaning process much easier and less frequent.

Regularly rinse wipe and dry (2 – 3 times a week)

Wash away minerals or soap scum with a regular rinse and quick squeegie. Use the shower head or a container of water then dry with a towel, paper towel or cloth. This clears the surface to keep it smooth.

Weekly Surface Clean

After a general rinse of the glass you can use a shower scrunchie to firmly polish off the water once every week. If there is any smearing remaining, continue to polish with a very small amount (a couple of drops) of non-abrasive dishwashing liquid. Rinse the glass again then dry it off. The glass should be looking clear and feeling smooth.

As there is no such thing as self-cleaning glass, it is still recommended that protected glass is given a deeper clean on a bi-annual basis according to the level of soiling. Regular glass cleaners will not harm the coating in this process, but is not recommended to use any harsh chemicals or abrasives (including tools/scrapers) of any kind.

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