channel balustrade
channel balustrade

Channel Balustrades

Our channel systems are designed to provide a practical and durable solution for pool fencing and balustrading. With various fixing options available, including top-mounted, side-fixed, or recessed, our systems offer flexibility to suit different installation requirements. Additionally, we offer a range of finishes to ensure coordination with your desired aesthetic. Our custom, made-to-measure channel systems also allow for the use of wider glass panels, providing and a spacious and unobstructed view.

We utilize high-quality locally sourced materials to ensure durability and reliability. You can trust that your pool fencing or balustrading will remain strong and secure in any environment.

In addition to the channel itself, we offer co-ordinated railing clips and brackets that can be powder coated to match the channel finish, ensuring a seamless and consistent look.

Our channel systems provide a practical and reliable solution for both pool fencing and balustrading. With various fixing options, finishes, and the ability to accommodate wider glass panels, our systems offer remarkable flexibility and customization. The robust design ensures long-lasting durability, giving you peace of mind knowing that your glass fencing will stand strong over time.

face fix channel


We use a minimalistic aluminium channel system for face-fixing balustrades which allows for long panels of glass and keeps the clean lines and square edges consistent with modern home trends. The fixings are concealed beneath a slim profile aluminium cover plate which can be powder-coated any of the standard colours to blend with the building structure. A rotating pressure plate system allows for a 30mm tilt and lock adjustment, backwards and forwards. This reduces issues arising from uneven sites or deck movement and allows for easy adjustment.

down fix channel

Top Mount

An easy-to-install system with a sleek minimalistic design. Anzio channel is versatile and suitable for use in a wide variety of applications from pool fencing to balustrades, walkways and staircases. Unlike many other balustrading systems, it does not need scaffolding and can be installed from the inside of a deck or balcony. This advantage serves to keep this system cost-effective.

The Best Materials for Lasting Quality

Our channel systems utilize architectural heavy-duty 6063 T6 grade aluminum. Anodised covers not only provide the visual aesthetic, but also add to the durability. The ability to accommodate 12mm up to 21.52mm thick glass makes this system ideal for use in homes, apartments and commercial projects.

Range of Styles

We offer four primary styles to suit your preferences. The first is a point fixed 'disc' style which offers a customizable, neat and practical face-fixed solution. We offer a channel style, where the glass panels are securely held within a discreet channel, resulting in an integrated contemporary look. Our post style utilizes robust posts to support the glass panels, allowing for a cohesive integration with surrounding fencing if desired. Lastly, our mini post style, characterized by minimalist posts that offer structural support while maintaining an unobtrusive and clean appearance.

Custom Made to Measure

We provide custom-made panels that are tailored to your specific measurements, ensuring a seamless installation. Our team takes accurate measurements of your pool area, guaranteeing that each panel fits nicely, eliminating any gaps or unevenness. With our custom solutions, you can expect a visually appealing glass balustrade that enhances both safety and aesthetics. Experience the balance of form and function with our tailored approach to balustrade installations.

mannex black

Mannex Black

mannex charcoal

Mannex Charcoal

mannex grey friars

Mannex Grey Friars

mannex ironsand

Mannex Ironsand

mannex sandstone grey

Mannex Sandstone Grey

mannex silver pearl

Mannex Silver Pearl

matt titania

Matt Titania

matt appliance white

Matt Appliance White

12mm toughened safety glass (top rail - or if not protecting a fall)

If used in a pool fencing or balustrading scenario when not protecting a fall greater than 1m the more cost effective toughened safety glass can be used. The glass is 12-15mm thick and clamped into the posts. In the unlikely event of a breakage, the glass shatters into small fragments.

Although the small individual fragments may be sharp on some edges, it is far less dangerous than the shards produced if a sheet of traditional float glass breaks.

For balconies or raised applications a top rail must be used with this style of glass.

Sentry glass - toughened and laminated (for safety in protecting a fall)

For the frameless look when protecting a fall greater than 1 metre, Sentry (or EVA Laminated) Glass must be used. Highly resistance to collapse, Sentry Glass interlayers are five times stronger and up to 100 times more rigid than other conventional interlayers. The interlayer stays together and upright even when both panes of glass have been broken.

If the glass ever breaks, fragments remain firmly bonded to the sentry glass interlayer, eliminating glass falling to the ground or over the edge.The glass retains its clarity, is extremely durable and resistant to clouding.

Contact us for either a quote over the phone, a quote via email (provide us with the dimensions or send plans), or arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you have a more complicated balcony or pool fencing layout, custom heights or a number of technical questions it is highly advised to meet with a consultant. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure.

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