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Glass Canopies and Shelters

Glass canopies, esteemed for their sleek contemporary design and functionality, stand as iconic architectural features merging modern aesthetic appeal with practicality. Constructed from Sentry safety glass and robust fittings, these transparent overhead structures not only provide shelter and protection but also elevate the architectural style of buildings. Ideal for entrances in commercial spaces, contemporary residential complexes, and public structures, glass canopies create a welcoming atmosphere while shielding individuals from the elements without compromising natural light. Their minimalist, orderly appearance not only augments the overall visual allure of the structure but also signifies sophistication and quality in architectural design. Additionally, these canopies can be customized with frosted glass, graphics, or patterns to further enhance their visual appeal.

Glass canopies add an attractive and functional touch to both commercial and residential projects, offering a seamless blend of old and new architectural styles with their crisp, clean lines. Placed strategically outside entrance doors or deck areas, these canopies offer protection from the weather while allowing ample natural light into the building, emphasizing their versatility beyond mere entrance coverings.

Disc and Spider Fittings

Disc fittings find primary use when the glass sits on top of (or is suspended from) pre-built structural fixtures, especially in exposed conditions, serving to seal the opening. These fittings generally come in a 50mm diameter, subject to specific design variations. Spider fittings allow for glass to be held further from the structure and have additional adjustability features.

Articulated Swivel Fixings

The articulated swivel fixing comprises a ball-joint type fixing accompanied by a countersunk or disc fitting attached to the glass. Notably, the swivel joint on the glass panel allows for a rotation of up to 5 degrees in any direction. There is a significant reduction in stress around the glass hole compared to standard fittings. This reduction holds particular significance in situations of exceptionally high loading. It is essential to note that glass panels affixed with swivel joints are anticipated to experience more deflection compared to those secured with standard countersunk fittings.

Tension Rods

The suspension of canopies involving the utilization of tension rods and connections through disc or swivel fixings. Typically practical where there is no pre-built structure, drainage slopes and angles are established either through a sloped structure or by leveraging the adaptable features inherent in tension rods and swivels. Additionally, gutters are affixed to the building's structure to facilitate efficient water drainage.

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