Balustrades & Pool Fences

With three grades of safety and a range of fixing options, Haynes Balustrades and Pool Fences are quality constructed and built to last

Disc Anchors / Mini Post / Channel / Full Posts

Disc Anchors

A point fixed system uses stainless steel pins bolted through pre cut holes in the frameless glass panels. The glass is extended below ground or decking level before being fixed in place by the bolts. Fixings come in round disc or square profiles with polished or satin finishes.

Mini Posts

A mini post system uses small robust stainless steel posts to support the glass panels. They bring a minimalistic, classic combination of stainless steel with frameless glass. We can install a couple of styles, depending on the application or your personal preference.

Continuous Channel

Our channel system is a simple and effective method with clear lines and specifications that allow for relatively long panels of glass to be used. A channel balustrade can be face-fixed or down-fixed and is a great option for capturing the frameless look of glass and keeping costs down. The channel can be powdercoated to suit the colour of your deck.

Aluminium Posts

Aluminium posts and clamps are used to support glass panels in this traditional fencing system. These are well suited to environments where a top rail is also required, such as balconies and stairways. Post balustrades are available in various colours and finishes and are the most wallet friendly option.

Glass Types

We glaze our high quality, premium balustrades in strict accordance to NZ housing regulations. With new laws coming into effect in 2017, we have a range of options that not only comply, but still have the high class 'frameless' glass appearance.

The interlinking rail provides a barrier to minimise the risk of people falling

Our interlinking rail system consists of toughened safety glass with an rail connected to each pane of glass and also to the building. The advantage of toughened glass in this application is that it is stronger than ordinary float glass and breaks in a safe manner.
A top edge rail capping (or handrail) protects the edge of the glass but in the unlikely event of the glass breaking the glass will fracture into small safe fragments. Contact us for more information and pricing on our balustrade systems.

If the glass breaks, glass fragments remain held in place, firmly bonded to the interlayer.

This system is made with 13.2mm Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (EVA interlayer). In the event of the glass breaking, the fragments of glass stay bonded to the interlayer. The glass in an EVA system retains its clarity after years of exposure. It is extremely durable and resistant to clouding.
A handrail, continuous top edge rail or interlinking glass clamps is generally combined with an EVA system. The interlinking clamps or capping will prevent glass collapse in the unlikely case of dual pane fracture.

Highly resistance to collapse, the rigid interlayer keeps the glass erect even in the unlikely event of glass breakage.

Toughened Laminated Safety Glass with SentryGlass structural interlayer. SentryGlass interlayers are five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than other conventional interlayers. This interlayer stays together and erect even when both panes of glass have been broken.
If the glass ever breaks, fragments remain firmly bonded to the sentry glass interlayer, eliminating glass falling to the ground or over the edge. The glass retains its clarity, is extremely durable and resistant to clouding. No additional edge clamps or interlinking rails are required with this system.

For the finishing design touch, or just a little added privacy

Any of the previous styles can be made from clear, opalescent, bronze tinted or grey tinted safety glass. Additionally balustrades can be modified with a frosted screen print for additional privacy without totally blocking out light.
Opalescent laminate (translucent white interlayer) comes in different grades altering the amount of light allowed to pass through the glass. Ask us for more information on grades available. Screen prints can be made to custom shapes, sizes, designs or graphics.

The Process

Current lead time: 15-20 Working Days
* Estimated lead time based on standard pricing model. In some standard panel systems costs can be reduced, but the lead time is extended for importing glass.

1. Measure + Quote

2. Glass Cut + Toughened

3. Fixings Installed

4. Installation

Initially you must get a drawing done specifying for your deck specifying types of fixings and materials used (including the brands) so a permit (PS1) can be issued. The second step would be to have a Haynes consultant visit the site and measure up for a quote. On acceptance of the quote we fabricate the glass to size, make site visits to install the fixings and then return to install the glass. A certificate of compliance (PS3) is issued on completion. We can aid you with any of the technical details throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
From measure to installation, the process generally takes approximately 15 working days depending on the size.
Are there size limits?
Shower panels can be made floor to ceiling and the only real limiting factor on maximum glass size tends to be whether the glass can physically fit in the door and be maneuvered into place. Some larger panels require additional bracing for rigidity. This is usually achieved through the use of shelves or overpanels.
Which types of fixings can I use?
The balustrading systems we sell at Haynes are channel, full height post, point fixed disc and mini posts. All can be down or face fixed and made with custom size panels. There is however a length limit depending on the type of system, the positioning and the wind load. Fixing spacings are dependent on the width of the glass.
What types of glass can I choose from?
Most balustrades you are likely to see around are in clear safety glass, but there are options. We can offer balustrades in tinted, frosted, partially frosted and ultra clear. All different glass types comply with the NZ building codes.
How much do they cost?
Our balustrades are custom made to precise sizes and the various systems can work out quite different in their cost, so we price them on a job by job basis. Contact us with your ideas, or arrange a free consultation for an accurate quote.
What is the warranty?
We provide a 5 year warranty on glass and hardware and a 10 year guarantee on workmanship.

What people say..

Just want to congratulate the team on a professional job. It's all about the finish and you guys delivered an excellent product. Thank you for always being responsive to my e-mails as many trades people these days let the customer down. You excelled in all areas with a challenging job.


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