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Product Warranty: Glass Splashbacks


Haynes Glass warrants that all Splashback Glass manufactured and installed or delivered by Haynes Glass:

  1. Is durable and safe to the standard stated in NZS 4223.
  2. Is acceptable in appearance and free of visible glass surface damage from a typical viewing distance (greater than 700mm).
  3. Is free of visible paint / print spots, marks or defects from a typical viewing distance (greater than 700mm).
  4. Is manufactured with Grade A safety glass in all cases where it is technically possible to toughen.

Haynes Glass warrants that for a period of ten years from the date of manufacture / installation, the glass will not:

  1. Suffer any loss of thermal or mechanical performance characteristics in all cases where toughened safety glass is used and installed by Haynes Glass.
  2. Suffer from fading, cracking or peeling of the paint (or print) on the rear of the glass under normal indoor residential conditions.

In the event that the above develops after installation and within the ten year warranty, Haynes Glass will re-supply replacements the defective glass (supply only) and the warranty period will extend to the new glass for a further period of ten years from delivery.

Haynes Glass will not be liable to fault as a result of any cause or 'act of god' independent of human control, occurring after the product has left the control of Haynes Glass

The warranty will not apply where one or more of the following conditions exists:

  1. The glass or painted coating is altered in any way.
  2. The glass has excessive stress around holes or notches due to incorrect fixing techniques (ie. over-tightened powerpoints, rangehood screws).
  3. The glass is subject to high edge or surface impact.
  4. The glass is subject to abnormal stresses from heat, excessive vibration, building or foundation movement, expansion or contraction in the framing.
  5. The glass is subject to heat cycling over 200 degrees celcius.
  6. The glass edge or surface is damaged by improper handling, storage, glazing, or exposure or contact with any chemicals.
  7. Supply only glass is not glazed in accordance with NZS 4223.
  8. The glass is glazed to a buildings exterior
  9. The painted / printed side is directly exposed to or is submerged in water (ie. inside a shower, bath or spa).

Haynes Glass reserves the right to inspect on site any glass which is alleged to be defective

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