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Product Warranty: Showers and Hardware


Haynes Glass warrants that all Toughened Safety Shower Glass is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2208, AS/NZS 2080, and NZS 5238 and that:

  1. The glass is durable and safe to the standard stated in NZS 4223.
  2. All glass acceptable in appearance and free of damage to the standard stated in AS/NZS 4667
  3. The glass is fit for the specific purpose of glazing in a residential bathroom

Haynes Glass warrant that for a period of ten years from the date of installation, the toughened glass will not suffer from any loss mechanical performance characteristics as defined in AS/NZS 2208. In the event that the above occurs, Haynes Glass will 'supply only' the replacements of the defective glass.

This warranty shall not apply where any one or more of the following circumstances exist:

  1. The glass is altered in any way after the initial Haynes Glass installation.
  2. The glass edge or surface is damaged by improper handling during disassembly, storage, or through exposure to any chemicals.
  3. The glass has excessive stress around holes or notches additional to the shower hardware installed by our glaziers.
  4. The glass is subject to abnormal stresses from heat, excessive vibration, building or foundation movement, expansion or contraction in the framing.
  5. The glass is subject to a significant surface or edge impact.

Haynes Glass reserves the right to inspect on site any glass which is alleged to be defective and which is subject to a claim under this warranty or under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.


Subject to compliance with maintenance requirements, Haynes Glass warrants its shower hardware products from the date of purchase for the period of time as stated below:

  1. Five year warranty on all shower hinges, handles, channels and brackets
  2. Ten years on the workmanship for shower hardware installed by Haynes Glass

In the event that the hardware product fails and such failure is caused by the direct result of a defect in the material or manufacture of the hardware product, Haynes Glass will at its option replace the product or refund the original invoice value of the product.

The Warranty is further subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Customer acknowledges the Product at the time of purchase was delivered in good condition and free from defects.
  2. Warranty excludes regular wear and tear of the shower hardware product(s).
  3. Warranty excludes repair to the hardware product resulting from the failure of the structure upon which the hardware has been installed (eg. Tiled Walls).
  4. The hardware products must be protected from contact with wet cement, hard foreign objects and materials likely to cause abrasive damage.
  5. Warranty does not cover damage to the Product due to an Act of God or other significant event beyond the control of Haynes Glass.
  6. Shower hardware is not exposed to chemicals or gases other than those present in normal clean air, nor is subject to prolonged exposure to water or moisture.
  7. Should the hardware component be modified, altered, rebuilt or repaired by others, the Warranty will be void.
  8. The Product has not been maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Criteria below.

Regular inspection and maintenance forms part of the 'designated use' criterion. The hardware manufacturer considers the following to be necessary:

  1. Regular inspection of safety-relevant components of the hardware for correct fitting and/or excess wear
  2. Regular inspection of the fixing screws to ensure that they are tight

Haynes Glass reserves the right to inspect on site (or via return) any hardware which is alleged to be defective and which is subject to a claim under this warranty.

The supplier must be advised of all claims within 7 days of the materials or workmanship fault first becoming apparent. Should a claim be made the supplier will determine the most appropriate course of action to be taken to remedy the claim and reserves the right to nominate who shall carry out any remedial work.

All Claims must include be accompanied by appropriate documentation which stipulates the date of the purchase, the invoice number, the Customer name and address, and the specify the defect or damage arising.

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