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Installing in Auckland homes for over 30 years, we specialize in those Frameless Showers and Screens that epitomize precision and class. We offer a range of customisable options with all of our shower styles.

Our shower packages typically involve meeting with a Haynes consultant on site, discussing the job and formulating a price for an installation. Alternatively DIY customers or builders may provide exact measurements for the glass and hardware needed, and we will supply them directly (Auckland only). We can provide installation advice and set you in the right direction. A 5-year warranty is provided for glass and hardware, along with a 10-year guarantee on workmanship.

Experience the precision and excellence of a Haynes Shower Installation. With a wide range of customizable glass options and reliable hardware choices, our shower screens deliver a seamless and minimalist aesthetic, ensuring peace of mind for Kiwi customers.

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Professional Installation

Our skilful, qualified team have the tools and experience to get the job done right! Hard working and with a friendly kiwi attitude, the team are always listening, ever improving and seeking feedback to give the best service possible. We value the quality of finish at Haynes and all work together to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Glass Types

The preferred and cost-effective choice for shower glass is 10mm thick toughened, available in clear or ultra-clear variants. Both options provide a transparent appearance, but ultra-clear glass is manufactured with lower iron content, eliminating the slight green tint and creating a more seamless "frameless" look. Additionally, we offer designer styles such as frosted, reeded, and tinted glass, which are increasingly popular in modern homes, serving as unique features that set them apart from traditional designs.


Typically, it is recommended to waterproof the bathroom and lay the tiles before taking the final measurements. However, there are situations where it is possible to directly install a channel onto the waterproofing and then tile around it, resulting in a more inconspicuous appearance. This approach requires additional planning but can yield a pleasing outcome.

Size Limits

Shower panels have the flexibility to be constructed from floor to ceiling, with the main constraint being the practicality of fitting and maneuvering the glass within the given space. The maximum glass size is often determined by these physical limitations. In cases where larger panels are required, additional support is necessary to ensure rigidity. This is typically achieved by incorporating shelves or overpanels into the design. These elements provide the necessary bracing to maintain structural stability.

Easy to clean nano-coatings. The water rolls off..

Everclear Coatings

We provide an enduring water protection solution called Everclear. This solution is applied either in our factory before installation or on-site, ensuring lasting effectiveness. For ongoing maintenance, we offer Repel, a specialized product available for purchase in convenient bottles. With Repel, you can easily maintain the water protection of your glass installations.

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