Hobsonville Point Townhouse

Scope of Work:

Part of a new development at Hobsonville Point, this two-level townhouse features Haynes Glass products in the bathrooms and kitchen. Our mission was to enhance the living space with Haynes Glass Frameless sliding showers, a custom matte glass splashback, and precision vanity-to-ceiling mirrors.

Project Features:

Sliding Showers: To optimize internal shower space while avoiding interference with toilets, we selected a sliding system that seamlessly blended both style and smooth functionality.

Matte Glass Splashback: Crafting a custom splashback color to match kitchen pendent lights achieved a harmonious combo of glass and lights, maintaining the kitchen's consistency and overall feel.

Meticulous Measurements: Precise measurements ensured the vanity-to-ceiling mirrors fit flawlessly, achieving a polished look throughout the townhouse.


The Hobsonville Point Glass project showcases precision and innovation in glass craftsmanship, utilizing new products and techniques. The townhouse now stands as a stylish, modern living space where form and function simply work.