Culture Kings Sylvia Park

The Culture Kings shop of close to 1000 square metres was a large project, being the first store of its kind in New Zealand. While Culture Kings did offer some unique product lines, the big drawcard for its customers is the experience on offer at the store. We were honoured and more than happy to accept the challenge to carry out a large scope of glazing work.

The work we did at the store included relocating existing automatic glazed doors and building a new glass shopfront around it. We installed several large vertical floor to (almost ceiling height) mirrors along the columns and to the secret room ranging from 2.4m to 3.6m high.

We were also tasked to construct all of the display cabinets and shelves with low-iron (ultra clear) safety glass and high bond UV glue. Taking the green hue out of the glass allows for true product representation through the display.