Stylish Modern and Practical - Showers and Balustrades

Client: Taylor Construction

Scope of Work:

Haynes Glass collaborated with Taylor Construction to provide a comprehensive glass installation solution for two distinct residential houses. The project included the design, fabrication, and installation of various custom glass elements to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of both properties.

Project Components:

1. Channel Balustrades with Handrail Top Capping:

Channel Balustrades: Our team installed channel balustrades in both houses, combining safety and style to create open and inviting atmospheres. These balustrades were customized to seamlessly integrate with the architecture while providing the necessary safety features.

Top-rails: To ensure the safety and future-proof compliance for residents in both houses, Haynes Glass incorporated sleek and contemporary hand/top-rails. These handrails were carefully chosen and coloured to match the overall design aesthetic, providing both support and a modern touch to each property.

2. Custom Frameless Showers:

Frameless Showers: Our experts designed and installed large frameless shower enclosures in both houses, giving the bathrooms spacious and luxurious feels. The frameless design and unique bathroom layouts provided a clean and modern look, while the use of satin chrome hardware adds a touch of sophistication to each bathroom.

Challenges and Solutions:

Throughout the project, we faced the challenge of ensuring that all custom glass elements were precisely tailored to fit the bespoke architectural features of each property. Both the showers and balustrading teams called on their craftsmanship expertise to overcome these challenges, resulting in installations that met the client's exact specifications for both houses.


The collaboration between Haynes Glass and Taylor Construction resulted in two quality residential spaces befitting the location. The channel balustrades with handrails and frameless showers with satin chrome hardware have added value to both houses. These elements not only meet the highest standards of quality, but will also appeal to home buyers seeking modern and elegant living spaces.