Botanic Canopy

We are pleased to share the successful completion of a large Canopy at the Botanic Silverdale in collaboration with Mako Commercial. Meticulous planning, hard work and precision resulted in a stunning architectural glass structure encompassing the bowls green and cafe.

Key Project Details:

Glass Specifications:

Viridian Supplied 21.52mm Sentry Laminated glass panels (up to 300kg)

Installation Method:

Point Fixed on stand-offs, showcasing a modern touch, and ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.


Over 100 lineal meters in total length and a total glass area of 330 square metres


Installation required a 120 Tonne Crane to lift the large glass panels over the bowling green. Precision and experience evident as these panels were leveraged into place.


Customer Supplied Digiprint Graphics were embedded into the glass, creating a unique visual element that enhances the ambiance and adds a pleasant touch of shade.

This project is a testament to the collaborative efforts of our team and Mako Commercial. Special thanks to all team members for their dedication and expertise throughout the project. Looking ahead, we remain committed to delivering excellence in every upcoming project.