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Reflective / Mirror Splashbacks

Mirrored glass splashbacks effortlessly harmonize with kitchen decor, eliminating the need to match new elements. Their reflective nature opens up the kitchen, creating a spacious and bright atmosphere, especially beneficial for small or dark spaces.

Options such as Standard, Smokey Grey, Bronze, or Antique mirrors allow for a personalized touch. Depending on the kitchen style, different mirror types can be chosen to achieve the desired ambiance. For instance, grey mirror creates a cool and industrial atmosphere, while a bronze-tinted mirror adds warmth. The beauty of mirrored splashbacks lies in their ability to seamlessly blend with any kitchen style, be it traditional, contemporary, or unique, as their colors do not clash with other elements in the room.

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If you want a contemporary feel, a tinted mirror with downlighting is a great option. The flat, smooth dark reflective look combines with modern LEDS to create an ultra modern look. Tinted designs come in a choice of colours, including grey and bronze.


For a traditional kitchen or one in a period home, consider an ‘antiqued’ design, which has a mottled appearance and creates a lovely warm, soft, vintage look. Even a beveled edge is possible provided there are no cut-outs or notches.


For something a little outside the box, try a combination of our matte finish glass with a heavy antique effect. In the right kitchen, the results are spectacular.

Not to forget.. a mirrored splashback behind the stove provides the little bonus of monitoring children or engaging in conversations without even turning around! Contact us today for a free on-site measure to explore the possibilities and bring a touch of class to your culinary space.

Measure and Quote

We offer a free, no obligation measure and quote in the Greater Auckland region. Contact us for a quote over the phone, via email, or to arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you havent already chosen your colour or design, our consultant will have some samples with them and is experienced to help you in the selection process. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure.


The wall must be generally flat, but not necessarily stopped as the paint or silvering we use is well covered, fully opaque and free of read through. Our consultant can make recommendations on site if anything is necessary. All cupboards benchtops and rangehoods should be installed and in position for a final measure. The glass splashback is typically the last thing to be installed in the kitchen, but you can get the quote and colour selection process under way well before the final measure stage. If its necessary, with a little co-ordinated planning, rangehoods can go up after the final installation (but not after the final measure and before install).


We will call and arrange a time to fit the glass. The installation generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the job. We glue fix splashbacks to the wall and neatly silicon seal the edges. Occasionally it may involve coordination with a plumber if taps require removal, or an electrician if the installation is effected by oven wiring.

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