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Kitchen & Bathroom Splashbacks

Colour Splashbacks

Colour Glass is back-painted safety glass that can be made to any solid colour. You can be bold and make a statement, match the colour of your walls, or choose a shade or colour that provides just a little bit of contrast. We commonly match Resene or Dulux colours but also have our own colour range. Arrange a measure and quote and our consultant will bring a small range of samples to your house to discuss options and ideas.

Image Splashbacks

The photographic effect on glass is achieved when any high resolution image (typically above a 3mb file) is printed directly to the back of a glass panel. We have used macro shots, printed textures and landscapes in our splashbacks, but there is no restriction to what the subject is. As long as its on file in high resolution, we can put it on glass for you! If you arent sure of an image just yet, our consultants are more than happy to guide you.

Graphic Splashbacks

Haynes Glass can enhance panes of glass with simple patterns or abstract graphics. We can use vinyl, tinted and frosted films and often combine it with our painted Colour Glass process. We can create pattern effects similar to that of wallpaper or can simply add your own abstract design or text. One of the advantages of using this technique over printing is the ability to have a pattern and accurately match desired colours from a chart.

Reflective Splashbacks

Reflective Glass for splashbacks are a great new feature available for the kitchen. Really opens up the cooking space and you wont lose track of the kids or miss anything on tv! Ultra reflective is 5mm back-painted, toughened safety glass. You can choose from grey, bronze, dark blue or dark green tint.

The Process

To get started, contact us either to get a quote over the phone, via email, or to arrange to meet a consultant on site. If you havent already chosen your colour or your design, our consultant will have some samples with him and is experienced to help you in the selection process. On acceptance of a quote we will conduct a final measure. When the colour, photograph or design is settled on, glass is then cut to the accurate measurements, edges polished, toughened and spray painted. When it is ready we will call and arrange an install (installation generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the job).

Lead Times

This process (from acceptance of quote, through to install) typically takes 12-15 working days.


The wall must be generally flat, but not necessarily stopped as the paint we use (or print) is well covered, fully opaque and free of read through. Our consultant can make recommendations on site if anything is necessary.

All cupboards benchtops and rangehoods should be installed and in position for a final measure. The glass splashback is typically the last thing to be installed in the kitchen, but you can get the quote and colour selection process under way well before the final measure stage. If its necessary, with a little co-ordinated planning, rangehoods can go up after the final installation (but not after the final measure and before install).

Powerpoints, Odd Angles and Shapes

Internal holes are cut and powerpoints sit on top of the glass as they would the wall (they overlap so there is no gap or silicon around the edge of them). Glass can be cut to any curves, corners notches or shapes provided it can go through the toughening process. Typical things that may be an issue in the toughening process are the distance of internal holes to the edge of the glass (less than 25mm to the edge), and very thin shapes that create weak points. We work around this by splitting the glass into multiple pieces and measuring for the joins to be hardly noticeable, or merge with the kitchen design.

Size Restrictions

For safety glass in kitchens the maximum length panel that can be toughened is 4200mm for ordinary (mild green tint) glass and 3600mm for ultra clear glass.

The Glass

The glass we use for our splashbacks is 5mm thick in either ultra clear or ordinary 'tint'. Both types are clear glass but ultra clear is manufactured to be low in iron, which takes away that mild green tinge of ordinary glass. For this reason we usually use ultra clear and it is necessary with whites, when matching colours or creating the more vivid hues. Ordinary glass splashbacks can be slightly cheaper but we only recommend this option for very dark colours and when 'oversize' panels are necessary.

Colours, Photos and Designs

Any colour you can source can be matched, but we recommend sticking to the Dulux or Resene colour ranges. Images can be anything, but a high resolution file is highly recommended (typically sharp and clear at above 4500px width). A good source for high resolution photos is a site like www.istockphoto.com. Patterns and abstract designs are made through creating resizable vectors and these can be made from any 2 to 3 colour graphic youve designed or a pattern you have.

Supply Only for DIY

We can just supply splashback glass to customers, but be careful to provide us with the exact, accurate measurements. Once a panel has been toughened for a splashback, it cannot be trimmed. As a guideline, we generally allow a 3mm tolerance on the width and height - 1.5mm either side.


We provide a warranty of 10 years on the workmanship and for delamination of paint.

The Cost

The scope of each splashback job always tends to vary. Shapes, glass type, colour (or print), cut-outs and difficulty of install all must be considered. As such we price our splashback packages on a job by job basis. It can be as low as around $500 to have a simple colour glass square installed, to a few thousand for a large printed splashback with multiple cutouts.

glass splashback graphic splashback
  • Easy to clean
  • Endless colour options
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Smooth modern look with downlighting
  • Any graphics or images
  • 10 year warranty
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We provide a no obligation, free on site measure and quote in the greater Auckland area. Our consultants are always happy to help identify and solve your glass requirements. Armed with the knowledge, our sales team dart all over Auckland offering quotes, sourcing products and arranging the people to finish the job with urgency. True all rounders, they'll help with your vision and find what you want! Alternatively, send us an online quote request and we will promptly be in touch.

Cost Estimates

If you have plans on hand, or are just looking for an idea on splashback costs, simply call us, arrange a consultation, send us your plans or bring them into the showroom and we will happily tend to your enquiries and get you accurate job quotations. We are competitive, great value and are always transparent with jobs and their breakdowns.

Glass Installation

Haynes Glass have been installing splashbacks for over a decade. Our skilled, qualified team have the tools and experience to get the job done right! Hard working and with a friendly kiwi attitude, the team are always listening, ever improving and seeking feedback to give the best service possible. Our edgework is quality and we finish our splashbacks with a tidy silicone seal.


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