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Glazing, Glass Supply and Replacement

Broken Glass

At Haynes we specialize in window glass replacement. We remove and dispose of the broken glass fragments and install new glass without replacing the frame. Need glass for a new window or frame? No problem, we can install or supply the glass for that too.

Table Tops

Our custom made clear, frosted or colour glass table tops can be used in your dining room, kitchen, living room or bathroom to give your home decor a clean shine.

Cat and Dog Doors

Offer your cat the freedom to come and go as he/she pleases by installing a new pet door. We can install a new door into your existing glass doors or incorporate them into new ones. If you already have a cat door, then we can install that for you too. We also have doors to accommodate small dogs.

Supply Only

If you simply need a piece of glass for your own project, contact us and we can provide it supply only. Safety glass, frosted glass and various types of obscure and tinted glass are available.

Insurance Work

We deal with all the major insurance companies. If youve had an accident and its covered, simply provide us with your policy and claim number then we will handle the rest!

Safety Glass

Haynes always glaze in strict accordance with NZS4223 - Human Impact Safety Requirements. In many cases safety glass is required. Either toughened or laminated safety glass take an extra couple of days to process the glass for the repair but we are around to measure and board up the window urgently.

Quick Response

Urgent jobs need a company keen to help and quick to react. We offer a next day local service for simple glass removal and replacement. For jobs where safety or security is an issue, we can often be around on the same afternoon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to book a reglaze or new cat door?

The fastest and easiest way to get someone around to fix a broken window is to call us up on 0800 580 680 between 8am and 4pm. We will get you a quote over the phone and can make a booking there and then.

Do you dispose of the broken glass?

We remove any large glass fragments from in the frame or the immediate area surrounding and take those away with us. Although we try to clear out as much of the glass as possible, we advise you scan the area for smaller glass slivers.

Do you supply glass only?

Yes, we can supply glass cut to size and have it ready for you to pick up from our address. We also offer a delivery service for the Auckland area at a good price.

I'm not sure if I need safety glass. How can I find out?

For broken glass, an easy way to tell is in the way it has shattered. Toughened glass shatters into many tiny little pieces. Laminated glass will break into shards but generally stay held together by the clear inner film. Ordinary glass breaks into shards and will fall from the frame. Unbroken safety glass around the house will normally have a safety glass stamp. If you are still unsure or have new windows or doors to be glazed, simply let us know the size and location in the house and we will advise over the phone or via email (bathroom windows almost always require safety glass).

What brands of cat door do you install?

We usually install 'Catwalk' brand, but can also supply and install others. For more information on the cat doors visit: www.catwalk-petdoors.com

Can you cut holes or install a cat door into an existing piece of glass?

We can cut holes into existing class for cat doors, provided the glass isn't safety glass. While we have an very high success rate with cutting holes into existing glass, we take 'all care, no responsibility' for the existing glass breaking.

  • Fast call out service. Monday to Friday.
  • Quick phone quotations.
  • Standard, double glazed or safety glass.
  • Clear, frosted or obscure glass.

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